Top Quality, Branded. Platinum Certified. Soft Serve Ice Cream and Frozen Beverage Machines

Great Value. Tested and Inspected. Peace of Mind. 45 Days Parts Replacement Warranty. Free Soft Serve or Slush Mix Thank You Bonus. Fast Return on Your Machine Investment. Smart Decision For Generating Ongoing Profits.

Why Choose Platinum Certified Used Machines

Site Updated: May 28th, 2020

Covid19 Update: We hope you and your family is safe and healthy.  The whole world has turned upside down for all of us.  We are here to be of whatever help we can offer in these trying times.

Just like buying a new car, the minute you drive your new car off the lot, it loses 30% to 40% of its value. That's why buying a good, dependable used car rather than a new one is a smart move.  

Similarly when you buy a new soft serve ice cream machine, you are paying top dollars only to lose tons of money instantly. That's why we highly recommend our Platinum Certified, 22 Points Inspected, Working Used Soft Serve Machines. Why pay more when you can buy a high quality, tested, inspected and Platinum Certified soft serve machine at a great price. 

All pricing on this website is in CAD$. Our valued American and International customers pay in USD to save an additional 20% because of the USD-CAD currency rate fluctuations.  Reserve your machine today. No Payment Required. Rental and Lease options available.

Free Thank you Bonus (your machine pays for itself fast and free)

Great Value

Peace of Mind

Duly Tested

22 Points Inspection

Branded and Platinum Certified

45 Days Parts Replacement Warranty

Fast and Free ROI

Only the top Brands like Taylor, Stoelting, Electrofreeze and Carpigiani

Ongoing Profits

Happy Moments

Good, Solid, Dependable machines are in limited supply.  Reserve your machine today!

We carry an assortment of single phase, 3 phase, air cooled and water cooled soft serve machines and frozen beverage machines such as slush and granita machines.

Need multiple machines?  Please email us for a fast customized quote.  Thank you!

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